Silver Lake Rental Cottage

Activities & Exploring

Be Prepared !

Be prepared for bad weather .We have a satellite TV with several channels. There is a  DVD player so make sure you take a supply of videos if you must watch TV at all. Better still, pack games, cards and puzzles to keep all of the family occupied when the weather keeps you indoors. Don’t forget to take some warmer clothes, for those cooler evenings that can unexpectedly occur even in mid-summer. On the other hand the summer sun and wind can be blistering hot and dry. Sunscreen and protective clothes are suggested when out swimming or boating for lengthy periods of time.

Outdoor Recreation


A small rock point defines two different swimming areas.

The beach area on the northerly side of the point is sand and rock and has a gentle slope to deeper water (good for children). The rocks are slippery and care is

required when walking on them.  Water shoes are


The area to the south of the point drops off to 3 meters or more .


Open seating design with good back support

Open seating design with good back support

We will provide 2 kayaks and paddles  for your use but would request you supply your own life preservers as these should be fitted to the size and weight of the paddler .  There is a small water fall  that is a short paddle away and fun to see .


Hot Dog!

Hot Dog!

A campfire pit and adequate wood is available for you . The Fire department considers a campfire to be small and contained in a fire-pit. We have taken out a permit for a campfire from the township. Do drown the fire so it is out  at he end of each day or experience. Cut down no live trees . My experience is to control the fire by sprinkling small amounts of water on it to keep the flames down to no higher than 2 feet. This does not put out the fire and allows you to manage the burn. When the Fire Department issues a “NO BURN BAN” not even a campfire  is allowed .

 Hiking and Jogging

Harding Lane is an excellent trail to hike or jog on. Watch for animals and if there is evidence of bears carry a bell or other noise maker .

Hiking Harding Lane!
Hiking Harding Lane!

Other Opportunities

The area has many facilities away from the cottage  to exercise you body and mind. Maberly and Sharbot Lake have a public tennis court. Six golf course are within 40 km.  Horseback riding , hiking  and biking are popular.

Emergency Hospital Visits

Perth Hospital— 33 km east on 7  to Perth. Sharbot Medical Centre is open Saturday mornings for drop in clients.

Retail Stores, Restaurants,Pharmacy, Auto& Marine Services

Sharbot Lake Home Hardware; Hwy. 38: 613-279-2647

Mike Deans Sharbot Lake ; Sharbot Lake Village

Beer Store – hwy. 7 : 613 279 2451

LCBO – hwy. 7 : 613 279 2354

Gibson Auto Service Center–hwy.#7 : 613279-3333

Sharbot Lake Pharmacy:Village; 613 279 2901

Sharbot Lake Marina:Village; 613 279 2952

The Treasure Trunk – used clothing; Village;  :613-279-2113

Goodfellows Flowers,1013 Clement Road,Village south; 613-279-6446

Gray’s Grocery;Junction 38 &7 : 613 279 2725

Ram’s Esso, gas, propane convenience store; Junction hwy. 38&7; 613-279-2827

Sharbot Lake  General Store: Bus Depot, Petro Canada:  613-279-2382

Information Telephone Contacts

Emergency – 911

Township of Central Frontenac 613-279-2935


Dalhousie Glen Golf Club, McDonalds Corners 613-278-2369

Rivendell Golf Club 7359 hwy. 38, 613-374-3404

Mapleview Golf and Country Club. RR#3, Perth, 1-888 -755 7552

Blue Heron Golf, RR3 Lanark 613-264-1062

Fit Plus Training Gym hwy. #38 613 279 2800

Heads or Trails Riding Stable 2378A Ducharme Rd 613 279 375 6799

Tennis Court in Maberly and at the Sharbot Lake Public School–(shared public courts)


The Junction Factory Outlet; 24601 Hwy. 7, Sharbot Lake: 613-279-3939

Sharbot Lake Country- Inn Village 613 279 2198

The Maples Restaurant, 1002 Medical Center Road: Sharbot Lake Village: 613-279-3200

Fall River Pub & Grill and Country Store, hwy. 7, Maberly, 613 268 2882

Medical Facilities.

Sharbot Lake Pharmacy: 613 279 2901

Sharbot Lake Medical Center: 613-279-2100/01

Great War Memorial Hospital, Perth: 613-267-1500

Poison Information:1-800-267-1373